Alberto and RebeccaAlberto Malvestio, owner of ALMARE gelato italiano, arrived in Berkeley from his hometown of Treviso in 2005. He was impressed by the towering redwoods and the Golden Gate Bridge, but longed for Italian summers along the Adriatic coast… lapping waves, umbrella stacked beaches, golden tans, and shiny cups of smooth gelato.

Sensing that the Bay Area was ready for artisan gelato, Alberto called his great uncle Dino in Italy and convinced him to reveal his ricette segrete (secret recipes). Dino made gelato for over 60 years in Reggio Emilia. He started his career during World War II, pushing a cart with four flavors on the front of his bicycle.

“Gelato! Gelato!” When children heard him call they begged their parents for 5-lira for a cone or cup of his magical gelato. Some stole eggs from the family chicken coop to exchange for a scoop of gelato. Dino went on to open gelato shops around Reggio Emilia, and worked as a consultant to gelatai (gelato makers) all over Italy.

gelato bicycle

Dino’s commitment to using the freshest products and his adhering to strict artisan techniques during the elaborate gelato making process have paid off. He is very proud that the gelato he once peddled on the front of his bicycle has made it all the way to California!

Alberto is thrilled to continue Dino’s legacy at ALMARE gelato italiano, providing you with an authentic Italian experience and a little pocket of sunshine here in downtown Berkeley.

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